Uncontrollable Children


Have you ever noticed how many children are out of control these days? I see them in general merchandise stores, in restaurants, and sometimes in church. I have read of children being uncontrollable on commercial airliners. I have personally observed small children as young as three or four allowed to run loose in restaurants becoming a nuisance to diners; I have seen them running unaccompanied up and down the aisles of grocery stores; I am sure you could name other locations where parents allow their young children to run wild. There are too many uncontrollable children today.

The reason is two-fold but the reasons are closely related. 1. As a nation we have turned against God through Supreme Court decisions and by enacting laws that disallow God in public arenas. 2. That has allowed the socialist, communist leaning Left to take over the general philosophy of our land. It has gone on long enough to have a major influence on parents’ ability to properly discipline their children. The Left maintains (as do some psychologists and other so-called child welfare “professionals”) that to discipline children is to hurt their supposed fragile psyches.

Real punishment that includes saying what one means and meaning what one says to a child and making that child understand that the parent means what he or she says is correct discipline. Sometimes that includes corporal punishment (spanking, not beating). Unfortunately the Left has gotten their ineffective and watered down ideas on child discipline so ingrained into our society that the courts and policing agencies will remove the children from the parents if the parents attempt to properly discipline their children. Child abuse now is considered to be things like telling a child to “shut up,” forcing a child to do chores, raising your voice to a child, not taking them out to get ice cream, forcing them to wear their hair the way the parents say, and other such harmless ways to discipline them.

To back that up, our local school system has an official policy that an adult in the system cannot say the words “shut up” to a child. Education professionals have a very difficult time disciplining students due to the restrictions placed on them that prevent good discipline.

Discipline is good for children. I was raised by strict parents of the “Greatest Generation” who were raised by even stricter parents. Discipline when I was a child and when they were children included corporal punishment, demanding that children behave; telling him/her to “shut up” when needed, etc. My mom used a thin switch from a bush to discipline me and her mom did the same to her. I was slapped in the face (without injury except to my pride) for back talk, grounded to my room for several days, forced to do extra chores, yelled at, etc. When my mother told me to do something, I did it because I knew there were definite and sure consequences if I did not. My parents when reared the same way when they were children. In fact their parents were stricter than they were.

My parents’ generation is called “The Greatest Generation” and look how well they turned out and look how well our country turned our under their care (though the Left would disagree with that). That discipline was not harmful to them as children and the disciplining actions their parents took when they were children were beneficial to them as adults.

Today we handle our youth with soft kid gloves in order not to upset them. We tell them they are super great kids when they accomplish little or nothing. Look at the difference between them and the Greatest Generation. We find drug abusers; the welfare state; expecting the state and others to pay for everything; lazy at work when they even show up; expecting a high income for that; immorality is rampant; marriage is nonexistent; their children often suffer from lackadaisical parenting; our country is on the rocks, etc.

Which is better, a populace that is serious, hard working, moral, and responsible, or a bunch of citizens that are lazy, irresponsible, and immoral? Our current thinking about disciplining our children is responsible for the latter.

There is a positive exception. My Millennial grandchildren, and many other Millennials who are now adults, are conservative in their politics, hard working, and responsible. So in spite of the nonsense the Left has dumped on us about child rearing, many Millennials seem to be rebelling against that nonsense. We are still legally anti-God in this country, but that also is changing.

Unfortunately, the government and law continue to keep them from properly disciplining their children. The profit-driven Child Protection Industry AKA, the Child Abuse Industry, (google it) has a goodly amount of responsibility for that. Regrettably most anti-God laws are still on the books as well.

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