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Here is the New Revelation Series. In August of 2001, I wrote and posted a commentary on the Book of Revelation. It was updated in 2006. In 2010 I removed the commentary from the website due to numerous errors.  So, when I determined that I was better equipped, I began to rewrite the commentary. It is now becoming available in this New Revelation Series, one chapter at the time.

In the interim, I earned my doctorate in Theology. Additionally, prayer, much study, and reflection benefited my understanding. Subsequently, I have undertaken the rewriting of the Revelation Commentary.

This is a new Revelation Series Using the Bible to interpret the Bible. Thus, using the Bible as our interpretive guide will allow us a unique opportunity to understand the Revelation. This is a series of studies in the Revelation of Jesus Christ; it is available in this New Revelation Series one chapter at the time.

Here is an excerpt from the Foreword:

The exegesis I am using in this study of Revelation is based on the fact that the Scriptures interpret the Scriptures or the Bible interprets the Bible. The vast majority events in Revelation have related passages elsewhere in the Scriptures. The aim of this commentary is to tie those related Scriptures and the events in Revelation together.

This study may take quite a while to complete. I will add chapters for your convenience when complete. Consequently, I will post each chapter to this website periodically as I rewrite them. Click on the link to the chapter you desire below:

(It is important that you read this Foreword
before beginning the study.)

Foreword to the Study of Revelation

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