Is Political Correctness Christian?

Updated 2/25/2013

The world says that Christians should always be milquetoast in their deportment. They should always be looking after the down-trodden, caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc. They should care for the environment, the elderly, the homeless, the youth, and generally be in tune with all social programs. They should never make waves, never offend anyone, never allow their beliefs to influence their political lives, never stand up for themselves, never try to influence others with their “religious” views, and never, ever, ever mention the name of Jesus Christ.

 Of course Christians should love and care for those in need. That is not in dispute. But that is not the most important thing a Christian should do. Christians’ foremost responsibility is to grow in Christ. They are to seek spiritual maturity. The next most important thing for them to do as a body is to preach the Gospel to every creature. As individuals they should always be ready to tell others about their faith. The world frowns on that part, which is the most important part of their responsibilities. The world does not want them to preach the gospel and tell others about their faith nor does the world want them to become more Christ-like. That is because the world hates Christ. After the two things mentioned above comes caring for the needy. All three of those things—growing spiritually, telling others about Christ, and caring for the needy—are things a Christian should always be doing.

 However, the world only wants Christians to carry out the last thing, meaning social duties, without being overtly Christian. People have rejected God and all His ways. They don’t want Him in their lives. They don’t want His Name mentioned to them. They don’t want to hear the Gospel. Unfortunately every person born has in innate yearning for God. The world rejects this as untrue, but they are incorrect. Because the world rejects God, and because of the innate yearning for God in our lives, the world has created Political Correctness as a substitute for godliness. PC is the acronym for both Political Correctness and being Politically Correct.

 PC fulfills all of those social issues mentioned above that the world believes Christians should always do. Hence PC fills that yearning for God in the unbeliever’s heart, so being PC is their religious duty. That is why PC dictates we should never offend anyone, especially members of certain PC groups. Political Correctness is a religious obligation, thus offending a person is considered immoral and irreligious. That is why offending a person is deemed by the PC crowd to be the essence of sin. Consequently, to keep from sinning against others, one must be PC. Again, PC considers certain people groups to be more correct than others. One should never offend members of any PC group by any means. Unfortunately Christians are not members of one of those accepted groups; therefore it is OK to offend them.

 PC causes the Busybody Syndrome that affects everyone in the USA. PC requires that people make sure others are doing the right thing. This is a reason that we in the West are officially worried about obesity, smoking, eating incorrect (non-PC) foods, protecting the environment and many other things. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about those things. It is when one must force those beliefs on others that they become part of the Busybody Syndrome. The Busybody Syndrome makes us tend to the business of others to the nth degree. The Busybody Syndrome is why we are trying to have the government regulate everything from the foods we eat, to the light bulbs we use, to the toilets we flush. The Busybody Syndrome is the main cause of our loss of personal liberties. The Busybody Syndrome causes laws to be enacted that legally force the desires of busybodies upon us thereby depriving us of our liberties.

 A major example of this is our current obsession with obesity. The Busybody Syndrome has made some school lunches so unpalatable that our school-aged youth simply do not eat the prescribed foods foisted upon them by busybodies. Additionally many of the prescribed foods that supposedly prevent obesity are based on opinion and unsubstantiated claims about certain “bad” or “good” foods.

 An example of that is our current infatuation with the “low fat” diet that is loaded with refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. The PC crowd has forced the low fat diet upon us but it has not prevented obesity. In fact, obesity has increased substantially since we started on our busybody approved PC low fat food requirements. In the name Political Correctness, the Busybody Syndrome has thus forced a diet upon Americans that is harmful to them in the long run.

 Some cities have forced restaurants by law to serve only politically correct food and condiments. Vegie burgers are in, while salt is out. Anything that has fat in it has been legally removed from menus. Fast food restaurants have been forced to include PC foods on their menus even though they don’t sell very well. Again, this was all done by decree.

 PC also causes undue strain on energy production to protect “mother” earth as though earth were a sentient being. Of course, many in the PC crowd actually believe that earth is a sentient being, hence “Earth Day” celebrations. Everything from oil production to nuclear energy is scrutinized and found to be evil by the PC crowd. Ethanol, which is actually worse for the environment because it increases fuel consumption, is considered a panacea by the PC environmental crowd.

 We have stopped valuable resources such as DDT in the name of environmental correctness, which is a corollary of PC. That has resulted in worldwide food shortages because pests consume more food that they did before DDT was banned. Mosquito borne diseases have increased dramatically since the banning of DDT. But DDT has been found to be much safer than the PC crowd told us it was. In fact, the dangers we were told that DDT caused were all lies.

 Because of the global warming hoax 1 we are shooting ourselves in the foot by slowing growth which reduces jobs; we are cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world thereby reducing our productivity. Yet there is historical proof that periods of warming and cooling are cyclical and based on the cycles of the Sun1. In many of our lifetimes we have seen the PC crowd cycle from the global cooling scare of the 1970s to the global warming “crisis” of current times. These things are hurting, not helping us. Yet the PC crowd keeps on spouting such alarmist drivel. It is not their continued scaremongering that hurts us but their actions through legislation and the courts that are actually harming us.

 An example of this is the current electric car craze. The current executive administration wishes all Americans to drive electric cars in order to prevent pollution from the exhausts of engines that use “fossil fuels.” Unfortunately, the technology has not been innovated that will allow us to drive more than a few miles on a battery charge. Yet, even if we improve our battery technology to give us many, many miles on a single electric charge, there is still the problem of where electricity comes from. Currently, most of our electric production comes from coal fired electric plants. If we all drive electric cars, we will need to increase our output of electric power which will in turn cause more pollution from coal, which is a “fossil fuel.”

Political Correctness in the guise of environmentalism, will not allow us to build nuclear plants, and the PC crowd wants to shut down coal production to prevent air pollution. Through litigation they have also prevented us from pursuing oil and natural gas production. So where is the electricity supposed to come from to power our PC electric cars? Alternative “green” energy production has been a figment of the PC crowd’s imagination for years. But so-called “green” energy production to date has been elusive or has not been viable. The citizens of the USA, at the behest of the PC crowd, have been forced to waste hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on so-called “green” energy that has yet to materialize.

 One could cite a myriad of other examples of how Political Correctness has damaged society in the West. But we can stop here and have more than enough evidence of that.

 I wish to reiterate that Political Correctness is a substitute for God in unbelievers. The religious aspect of PC is readily evident. All the things that the world deems to be good works are actually works designed to fulfill the yearning for God that dwells in all of us even though unbelievers will not admit to the truth that such a yearning for God actually exists in all of us. Many, if not most of the problems in this world today are the results of people rejecting the true God and replacing Him with a false god of good feelings that Political Correctness gives them.

 The antidote for Political Correctness is the Real Thing, Jesus Christ. Christ is not some esoteric good feeling we get from politically correct works; He will actually fill the yearning we have for God and drive out all the politically correct nonsense. When that yearning is filled by Christ, then PC will no longer be needed. It will be replaced by the Golden Rule that says we are to treat others like we wish to be treated. The Golden Rule reigns over Political Correctness because PC comes from pressures outside of us to conform, while the Golden Rule comes from within and needs no outside pressure to be sustainable.

  1. According to the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, UK,  from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012 there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures (UEA CRU Sep 2, 2012)
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