The abbreviations BC and AD are no longer PC. Many American institutions have been infiltrated by the left, such as Federal and State governments, public schools, public buildings, parks, etc. Such institutions are changing or have changed BC to BCE, and AD to CE.

I write this to show the absurdity of this thinly veiled and pathetic attempt to remove Christ from every vestige of public spaces. This is supposedly designed not to “offend” non-Christians. We may extrapolate from that excuse that it is therefore OK to offend Christians, which truly seems to be the case in the West today. Let us explain our terms:

BC = Before Christ

AD = Anno Domini, Latin for “In the Year of Our Lord.”

PC = Politically Correct or Political Correctness.

BCE = Before Common Era

CE = Common Era

The absurdity is that both both BC/AD and BCE/CE mean exactly the same thing. BC and BCE are the exact same era of world history; that era was the time BEFORE Christ. Additionally, AD and CE are the exact same era of world history; that era is the time AFTER the birth of Christ. Jesus Christ is the major theme here.

Taking the idea of Christ out of the two major world eras that occurred before Christ and after Christ is the epitome of irrationality. Of course, the attempt to remove all vestiges of Christ from the public is, in itself, irrational. Since Christianity officially began fifty days after Jesus arose from the dead and has remained until the present, governments have tried to eradicate Christianity without success. While pockets of Christianity have disappeared over the millennia, Christianity has continued unabated for those millennia. Here are a few examples:

The Roman government tried to eradicate Christianity but became eventually a Christian government.

The Nazis of Germany unsuccessfully tried to eradicate Christianity but were defeated by the Allies.

The former Soviet Union tried to eradicate Christianity but just drove it underground and it reemerged when the USSR fell.

The Peoples Republic of China has tried and is now trying very hard to wipe out Christianity, but Christianity is aggressively expanding there.

Since the birth of Christianity, and throughout the millennia, governments have been trying to exterminate Christianity from the face of the earth. They have all failed. Christianity is still growing strongly throughout the world. Yes its growth has slowed in Western countries, but is growing wildly in the remaining parts of the world.

So I say to all Leftists, you may keep on trying, but you will never succeed. The reason for that is because Yahweh God really exists, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are God, and God is all powerful, and Christianity was established by God, and God protects Christianity from eradication. You may believe it or not believe it, but look at the evidence.

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  1. Roy says:

    Very good post! God is good…All the time!

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