Are These United States a Democracy?

Updated 2/25/2013

No, we are a Constitutional Representative Republic, which is NOT a Democracy.

It seems as though every time I hear a pundit on television, a politician, many judges, and yes, even the President, they are calling the United States a Democracy. America is decidedly not a democracy. In a democracy, everyone has one vote. All laws, regulations, policies, etc., of the government are decided by a plebiscite, that is, the majority (51%) of all the voters in a democracy decide every case. It is a true “one person, one vote.” In a true democracy, if 51% of the people decide that the other 49% of people should be executed, then that is the law and it must be enforced. Does it not make you wonder that leftists always refer to their socialist utopias as “democracies”? Democracies are not very good forms of government; they have never worked well in the past. 

In our form of government, which is a Representative Republic, we elect representatives to decide such issues for us. The closest we come to a democracy is in the election of our representatives. In an election the majority of the voters decide who our elected representatives are. But it ends there. After the election, our representatives vote for our laws, policies, regulations, etc. A plebiscite, that is, a majority of voters do not. Our Constitutional Representative Republic has worked well since its inception. Though not perfect, it has proved to be the best form of government ever designed. 



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2 Responses to Are These United States a Democracy?

  1. Sadsack says:

    Are you serious? Of course we live in a Democracy.

    • Bro. Mark says:

      Again, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. In a Democracy all citizens vote and 51% of that vote approves the measure. The United States is not set up that way. We democratically elect our representatives, but democracy stops there. After the election, our representatives vote for all measures. There is no democratic vote for measures with the exception of referendums, which are rare.

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