Will You Be Allowed in Heaven When You Die?

Are You a Good Person

The Good Person Test

Many people believe that as long as they are a good person, they will have access to Heaven. What they usually mean is that they have never committed any serious crimes, they are good citizens, they take care of their families, they work hard with honesty to earn their living, etc. Some think that as long as the good things they do outweigh the bad things they do that will earn them access to Heaven. Some believe that because God is a God of love, that He will allow all people into Heaven. Others believe that all religions ultimately lead to Heaven. Do any of these scenarios sound like you? Do you think you are good enough to get to heaven? Find out for sure. Take the Good Person Test.

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One Response to Will You Be Allowed in Heaven When You Die?

  1. Dear Brother in Christ,
    I came across your website and read some of the content. I am very pleased with your treatment of Salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ alone. I desire a copy of the “ten commandments” if I may. I find it a good witnessing tool. I will use it to help others who are deaf like me to show how guilty we are before a holy God. God bless you as you proclaim the Word. Dan.

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