Stop Trying to Fix Your Life

Cannot fix a broken lifeStop trying to fix your life. You will never get that done. The impulses of the flesh are too strong for you to overcome. The difficulty in doing so is never ending, and it never works. Fixing your life yourself is a difficult course and one you will never be able to finish. There is a way to make it easy.

Jesus says his yoke is easy and his burden is light. He says to take this easy yoke upon ourselves. In the past, I have struggled for many hours over this verse. I know that trying to live up to God’s will in my life is not always easy (in fact, it is downright difficult) because of my tendency toward sin, so I wondered about that verse.

Let me tell you what he is talking about here. Salvation, the yoke, is easy. So easy, in fact, that many miss it. I’m not saying the Christian life is easy. It is extremely difficult at times. What I’m saying is that salvation itself is easy. Getting saved comes first and living the Christian life begins at that point. The actual act of salvation is easy because it is performed by Christ. He took the action and there is no need for action oun our part.

There is no ritual, or catechism to learn. There are no special poems to learn, no creeds to recite, no sacrifices to give, no prayers to memorize or say, no special clothes to wear, no cards to sign, no aisles to walk, nothing that religion requires in order to be saved. There are not over 600 laws to learn and obey to the smallest jot or tittle. The laws given by Jesus are to love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself (all men and women in the world are your neighbors).

There is nothing heavy or difficult to it. You must believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord. You must accept and choose to believe that He really is the Son of God and that he really did die on the cross and was brought back to life by God the Father three days later just like the Bible says. It is as simple as a choice. Choose to believe and you will be saved. Your eternity will be set. That simple. After you choose to believe, you must then say so to others. That is the simplest part. To tell others you believe is as simple as going out and telling your friends and loved ones. That is it.

Once you are saved, you also should follow Jesus in baptism. He was baptized and so should you be. Thus you should find a Bible believing church and tell the pastor you have been saved, then he will and announce it to the congregation and he will make arrangements for your baptism, which is a public profession that Jesus is your Lord.

If you are feeling a twinge in your heart that you need to make a change in your life, that is the Holy Spirit calling you. The Holy Spirit invites you to believe and gives you the ability to believe. If He is calling you, do not reject the call. Choose to accept the invitation the Spirit is offering. Stop trying to fix your life here and do this simple thing. Believe and tell those here who love you that you believe. Get it done today. Don’t wait.

You can’t fix your life, but Jesus can!

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