Slide Show Images

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The pictures in the slide show were shot mostly in Northwest Florida. Here We display each picture in the queue and provide more in-depth comments on each one. It also gives you a chance to view each image at leisure. The main Reason I added this slide show was to show folks that Florida is not all palm trees and beaches. There is a wide variety of landscape in the area. You can live on the beach in a very cosmopolitan atmosphere on the southern end of the northwest Florida counties and find rural and wilderness areas at the northern end of the counties with a country lifestyle.

The first picture (above) is from the US 90 outlook in Pensacola above Escambia Bay, looking to the northeast. One can see the new Escambia Bay Bridge, named the David Bogan Bridge (AKA Dave Bogan Bridge) after the chief engineer of the construction project who died of brain cancer before the project was completed. The picture was framed by a blooming oleander just next to our parking spot on the overlook. I shot it with my Canon EOS and the standard 18-55 mm lens. I shot it at the 55 mm range. The light was good so I stopped down the lens to f16 to try to get enough depth of field to show both the bridge and the oleander plant sharply. The shutter speed was automatically set by the camera. You will notice that the oleander is in sharp focus but the bridge is a bit fuzzy. I attempted to sharpen it with my image software, but the effect was not very subtle so, other than cropping, I left it in its raw state. The shot worked so I included it in the slide show.

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