Rudderless and Anchorless

Fouled Anchor

Are you concerned about the lawlessness, hatred, and disunity in our Republic today? You should be. I am. Why has our once unified Country become so fragmented? There is a reason.

We are like a ship with no rudder, no wind in our sails, no engine, and no anchor. Such a ship simply floats around with no direction, no destination, and no hope for the future. It cannot guide itself to a destination, nor can it anchor itself and remain in one spot. It simply floats listlessly around in an ocean with no landmarks, no navigation ability, and no understanding of its location. When the wind blows, a ship with no anchor is pushed in every direction, going wherever the wind drives it.

That is exactly like our society. With no guidance, no anchor, no engine to propel us and no rudder to steer us, we also drift around listlessly in our daily lives. We have no ability to find our way, so we follow wherever the wind blows us. This leads us into factions that vie against one another, with name calling, raucous disagreement, intolerance of our differences, and sometimes with violence and mayhem.

We need an anchor, a rudder, power, and the ability to navigate. If we take the ship described above and add these things, then the ship has a purpose, a destination, and the ability to get there. It will no longer be adrift in an ocean with no boundaries. Where will we get these things?

We get them from Yahweh, the Christian God. He is the One True God and there is no other. That can be historically proven by the historical evidence that Jesus Christ died and was raised from the dead. We have more historical proof of that occurrence than of any other historically significant event. There is more proof of that event than of Guttenberg’s press. We have more manuscript evidence of that than of Aristotle. I could go on.

You can find these facts and many more in Lee Strobel’s book, the Case for Christ, or you can see his videos at YouTube. Mr. Strobel was a dedicated Atheist reporter at The Chicago Tribune intent on proving that Christianity was based on a myth. Instead he proved it to be based on the truth. He is now a Christian pastor and a professor at Talbot School of Theology. He also has a doctorate in Theology.

Yes Yahweh, the Christian God, the One True God is our anchor. He is our engine or sails, providing our power; He is our rudder and our guidance system. The anchor, rudder, power, and guidance system we need is the Truth, and yes there really is objective truth; it is available to us from Yahweh the Christian God, the One True God.

Right now, there is no objective truth in our society. Whatever anyone says or thinks is his or her own truth. In such a society, my truth may not be your truth. And I am not allowed to say your truth is not the truth nor are you allowed to say that my truth is not the truth. Thus we are all ships with no guidance, no rudder, and no anchor. Thus we keep running into each other. Soon our opposition to one another becomes overwhelming and that leads to conflict and disunity. A society cannot succeed in any semblance of order without some objective truth somewhere.

There is, however, one area that ironically is considered to be the truth. That is if anyone claims to have objective truth, that person must be ostracized from society, because objective truth is divisive. Hence Christianity, which is a way of life that claims to have the Objective Truth, has been and is being slowly excluded from our society. Christians are the only group of people that are not allowed to have a voice in our supposedly free society.

This has been ongoing since the late Nineteenth Century since Reynolds v. United States, 98 U.S. 145, in 1879. That was the first Supreme Court case that included the words “separation between church and State.” In 1947, our Supreme court in Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1, stated, “The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.” This effectively banned God from our society. Any mention of God or His precepts is considered to be religion, and religion is no longer allowed in our society. However, that is subjectively applied mostly to Christianity and Judaism.

If we wish to turn our Republic around and become a unified nation once again, then our only hope is to retrieve our anchor, our rudder, our guidance system, and our engine or sail. The only way is to return to the precepts of Yahweh, the Christian God, the One True God.

Our United States was once a successful Republic because of its belief in God, and its adherence to His precepts. Our nation successfully threw of the yoke of the most powerful country in the world. We also threw off the yoke of slavery in a Civil War that almost destroyed our country. We became the most prosperous and industrious country in the world. We fed the world. Our technologies helped improve the lifestyles of the peoples of the world.

The world all wanted to come to our shores where freedom and liberty reigned and the yoke of government was kept off our shoulders. Even though the many immigrants to our country came from many different cultures, they assimilated into our unique American culture, making us one of the richest, most powerful, and most influential countries in the world.

These things were all due to our national acceptance of God. Though not everyone in the USA was a Christian, it was the general acceptance that Christianity was a good influence on our country and that following the precepts of God had a good and positive effect on our society.

Since we have officially rejected God we are afloat on the sea without direction, without boundaries, without an anchor, and without unity. We are rudderless and anchorless. Return to Yahweh, the God of Christians, the One True God, and watch our country become the once great nation it was under Yahweh’s influence.

August 28, 2017

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2 Responses to Rudderless and Anchorless

  1. Matthew Johnson says:

    This quote from Linda Kimball is spot on. “When intolerance in and of itself becomes widely viewed as evil, the focus is shifted from the object of ones intolerance to the intolerance itself which has the effect of shifting culpability in a unregenerate mind. So if I state my intolerance of say homosexuality it is I who am viewed as evil for being intolerant while the act of homosexuality is given a free pass. It is a dangerous form of indoctrination whereby a generation is being educated to condemn those who speak out against sinful behaviour for their intolerance instead of examining the behavior itself.”. It is the Word of God that exposes the madness, malice, and hatred hidden by the mask worn by the serpent s leftist servants occupying most positions of power and control throughout Americas political, religious, educational, legal, entertainment, music and other information dissemination institutions.

    • Bro. Mark says:

      I cannot argue with your statement. Satan’s plan has always been to prevent the people of the Almighty God from speaking the truth. Unfortunately he has succeeded well in that strategy.

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