Impure Drinking Water

Updated 2/26/2013

I am outraged! I am writing my Representatives immediately. I will demand that they reduce the levels of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) in all of our drinking water! It is a shame that we cannot expect pure drinking water from the Federal Government. I want the levels of Dihydrogen Monoxide reduced by at least fifty percent! Join me in writing your representative to demand the reduction of Dihydrogen Monoxide in our drinking water. It is a national disgrace!

Here are a few facts about DHMO (also known as oyxdihydride, hydrogen hydroxide, hydronium hydroxide, and hydric acid):

  • Inhaling DHMO has caused accidental deaths
  • It is used as an industrial lubricant and coolant
  • In its solid form it can cause severe tissue damage with prolonged exposure
  • It is found in tumors and cancers
  • It is a component of many caustic substances such as muriatic acid and ammonium hydroxide
  • In its gaseous form it can cause severe burns
  • Acid Rain contains DHMO
  • There are more facts available about DHMO.
  • Go to for the whole story
  • View MSDS Sheet on DHMO
  • View the Wikipedia Article on DHMO

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Note: the Chemical formula for DHMO is H2O (water). This article is tongue-in-cheek!

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