I Never Understood

I grew up with parents that were extremely racially prejudiced toward black Americans (or “colored people” as they called them). All of the adults in my family were racially prejudiced. I never understood, even as a child, why. I never understood why black people had to use a separate water fountain. I never understood why black people had to use separate restrooms. I never understood why black people had to sit in the back of the bus. The buses had two doors, one in the front for whites and another in the back for “coloreds.” I never understood why as a child, why I was not allowed to address adults by their first name, but I had to address our black maid by her first name. I loved Anabel, who was our black maid, like I loved my mom and I always said “yes, ma’am” to her. I never understood why black people were hated just because they were black.

Unfortunately that is the way it was in the fifties. My family were all, to a person, died-in-the-wool Democrats. It was left-over hatred of Republicans who freed the slaves that was the root cause of this racism. My great-grandmother remembered the Civil War when she was a child, so the memory of the manumission of slaves was alive and well then.

It is also unfortunate that racism is still alive and well in enclaves here in the South. Of course it is also alive and well in enclaves in the North. It is likewise unfortunate that such racism occurs on both sides—black and white. The reason for this is the same. White Democrats have never let go of their defeat in the Civil War thus they excel in keeping racism alive and well in this United States of America. The Ku Klux Klan was the enforcement arm of the white Democratic Party’s racism.

The two parties have not switched as many white Democrats are wont to state. I am a Republican and have been since I first registered to vote in 1970 when I was 21 (the voting age was 21 then). I am opposed to racism no matter where or to whom it occurs. I have never supported the KKK, nor will I ever do so.

It is not racism to want everyone to have a fighting chance. It is not racism to want to free black people from the enforced slavery of the Democrat party. Yes, enforced slavery. The Welfare State was started by White Democratic President Lyndon Baynes Johnson to keep blacks (he used the “N” word) on the plantation, which is anywhere the Welfare State is alive and well.

No, the parties have not switched. The Republicans are still for freedom, liberty, and equal opportunity—we are still in favor of freeing the slaves. The Democrats are still for keeping black people on the plantations of the Welfare State and expecting them to vote for more and more Democratic mistreatment of blacks—they are still in favor of slavery. That has not changed.

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