Have We Been Given a Reprieve?

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Yes, I do believe that God has given us a reprieve with the election of Donald Trump. I believe it because enough people turned to Jesus and prayed for Him to do so. God has used pagans as His instrument to bless His people in the past. Artaxerxes and Cyrus come to mind. I don’t know if Mr. Trump is a true Christian or not, because of things he has said and done. That is because I do not know his heart; however, God does know his heart. God is sovereign and whatever the outcome of the election, it was God’s will. If Mrs. Clint on had one, it would still have been God’s will.

Regardless, I believe Mr. Trump will be used of God to help our nation out of its doldrums. I believe God will figuratively hold his feet to the fire to direct him to follow through with his “Contract with the American Voter” (still available online; conduct a web search for the title and you will find it).

We must realize that the left will get even more angry and aggressive than they have been—in fact, that has already started. There have already been riots in several cities because Trump was elected.

We Christians now have the opportunity to do what is right in God’s eyes or to reject Him further. We have been given another chance to do so. God is longsuffering.

I have prayed daily for revival and for hearts to turn back to God. I have prayed 2 Chronicles 7:4 to God daily for several years. I put in the first person. I pray “if we, Your people, who are called by Your name will humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways, that You will hear from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land.”

I have also prayed daily that God will not destroy our nation for the sake of His remnant. I reminded Him of Abraham pleading for Lot and that God told Abraham He would not destroy the cities of the plain for the sake of one righteous man. Of course God removed Lot from Sodom before He destroyed it. But now, there is no place to go to get out of our land. I believe millions of true Christians have prayed similar prayers and that God has heard those prayers and acted on them in the affirmative.

For now we have a window to actually follow through on our prayers with our actions, but if we do not do so, things will get far worse. Now I pray that He will keep Trump on course so that things can improve.

God has shown many people how he is angry and that punishment is upon us. He has given many people dreams and visions of His wrath to come on America. But now it seems like He has held that back temporarily. It really does look like he is giving us another chance. We must change our ways or His wrath may still come upon us.

It is time for each and every one of us who are Christians in the USA to become bold in our faith and step out and speak out about the glorious salvation available to all through simple faith in Jesus Christ. Like the Captain of the Starship Enterprise said, it is our continuing mission is to boldly go where no one has gone before and proclaim the Good News of Christ. We must speak out against evil and speak up about Christ every day. We must stop being milquetoast Christians who are afraid of offending others with the Gospel. Get over it, the Gospel is offensive to those who have not attained mercy through Christ. Be bold. Try to witness to at least one person each day by simply planting a seed in the person’s heart. If each Christian in America will strive to do that, we will change our nation. Try it , You’ll like it!

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