Fruit of the Spirit

God’s Holy Spirit produces fruit in His Children. The following is a list of the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 in four English translations.

Love Love Loving Love
Joy Joy Happy Joy
Peace Peace Peaceful Peace
Longsuffering Patience Patient A Quiet Mind
Gentleness Kindness Kind Kind Acts
Goodness Goodness Good Well-doing
Faith Faithfulness Faithful Faith
Meekness Gentleness Gentle Behavior Gentle
Temperance Self-control Self-controlled Control Over Desires

There is no use trying to produce this fruit in our own strength. It is impossible. It is only when we totally give ourselves over to the God, become His servant, and make Him our Master that His Spirit can manifest this fruit in us. When we admit that we are too weak in our own flesh to produce this fruit, and that only the Spirit can produce it in us, only then will the fruit be manifested in us. We may seemingly produce it for a time, but will always fail to produce it in the long run. Stop trying to produce this fruit in your flesh—it is His fruit, not yours. Only He can produce it in you.


1 – King James Version

2 – New Living Translation

3 – Contemporary English Version

4 – Bible in Basic Englsih

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