The Christian Church in China


Christ in Chinese

Christianity in China is outlawed unless one is willing to join the state sponsored church known as the Three Self Patriotic Movement. Unfortunately that “church” has the Chinese government as its head unlike the true church which has Jesus Christ as its head. Thus true Christians will not join the Three Self Patriotic Movement.

True Christians must gather in illegal house churches. That means that the government persecutes them with imprisonment, public humiliation, beatings and other such sufferings. Please pray daily for Christians in China, and in other places like Africa and the Middle East, where Christianity is under severe attack.

In spite of the official persecution,  Christianity is growing explosively throughout China. According to an article in the British newspaper The Telegraph, dated April 19, 2014, China is course to become the ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years.

The video tells the story of Christianity in China.

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