Are You a Good Person?

To find out if you are a good person, take this test:

After completing the test, you may ask “How do I know I am a believer and that I am saved?” You will know because the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you, thus you will know it with all your being. Secondly, if you are really a believer and are really saved, you will desire to do good works.

What good works? You will desire to have fellowship with other Christians; you will desire to read your Bible; you will desire to please God by doing all the things He wants you to do and avoiding all the things He does not want you to do. For example, you will desire to stop getting drunk, if that is something you do. Another example is  if you use bad language, you will desire to clean up your language.

You will find those things God wants you to do and the things He wants you to avoid in the Bible.

Next step. If you have just believed in Christ, you should immediately begin searching for a Bible-believing church to attend.

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