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My name is Mark Oaks and I was ordained as and have been a Southern Baptist pastor for several years. My credentials are that I have been called by God to preach and teach His Word. I am a diploma graduate of the Institute of Biblical Studies (a Baptist institution) and I have a Doctorate in Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary (see more). I am retired from the United States Air Force (1990). My wife, Cheryl and I have raised two children and several of our eight grandchildren. We also have five great grandchildren. I like to sing, play guitar, and piano (I do not play piano well enough to play publicly), and I like to garden and to fish (when I have time). I am a Pensacola, Florida native, and am living in the country near Milton, Florida. I am a retired Pastor, having served in several smaller churches during the last twenty years. However, even though retired, I will accept the call to pastor another church if and when God calls me back into that ministry. I am a Southern Baptist, yet The Bible Church Online is not aligned with any denomination because this site is for everyone. While I personally know that the majority of the doctrinal teachings of Southern Baptists are Biblically correct, I do not wish to preclude anyone from visiting this site for any reason. It is here to share the Word of God with all who wish. I strive to be Biblically correct in all the works at this site. God has given me the gift of teaching and preaching and he has called me into public ministry. I teach the Bible chapter and verse yet I do not copy the teachings of anyone. After careful study and prayer and with guidance from the Holy Spirit, I form my own conclusions and teach God's Word. For as Peter says, we are a "holy priesthood" able to discern what the Scriptures tell us.

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